What yoyo did you most use in 2013?

I was thinking of a new topic for the Zammy page on facebook and this was the question I came up with.

Figure I could make this discussion on YYE as well.

So lets get a discussion going.

What one did you most use? Why did you use it?


Because it’s fun and has a comfortable feel in the hand.

Probably Cascade>AC>Quake>Dietz

That is a tough question, as I have a terrible memory. If anything, I think it would be my nickel plated Spin Dynamics Smooth Move, it was my first high end metal, and it meant a lot to me. Nick Gumlaw actually said its time for an upgrade and said that it was for me. I got a discount and I fell in love.

But the best part was, I bought it just in time. Someone walked up to him and asked, as he was handing it to me, “how much is that”? :smiley:

So many good yoyos out there, currently. But the one I reach for the most is the Werrd Irony JP 2013.

The weight, to me, is perfect for the shape/diameter/width. The weight distribution is very effective.

I prefer a gold center trac bearing. The JP is very smooth on the string. It doesn’t ‘play heavy’.

It isn’t as fast as the Eighty-Six400, but I prefer the more Flowing feel of the JP.

It has a nice V shape, but still manages to ‘not’ have sharp corners, which creates a better ergonomic feel without sacrificing performance.

Most Yoyorecreation models have good performance potential, but have a less ergo shape as a trade off.

To me, Stu proves that he can produce a V shaped, high performance Yoyo, that doesn’t have to have sharp angles and corners.

Sometimes I get a new Yoyo and literally throw it for hours, over the first few days I have it. And even though I may really like it, I just smile and put it back in the box and give it a break.

When I got my first JP, I threw it for about 15 minutes and just said, 'Oh yeah, this thing has just moved to the front of the Class.

Most often, I think I end up liking yoyos more, for what they don’t do wrong, as opposed to what they do right.

I mean, I am not saying the Irony JP is the most amazing Yoyo… I just think the fact that I can’t find anything ‘I don’t like about it’ to be a winning combination to me.

(PS, my replacing the stock bearing was/is just personal preference)

PS #2 <> Sometimes when I am trying to nail down new tricks, I will alternate between not only 2 different yoyos, but 2 different shapes. Seems to help me dial in the finer aspects of transitions and rejections, etc. And helps my brain from locking up at certain sticking points from segment to segment.

I have been watching Tony North Vids, lately. I have been alternating between an Irony JP 2013 and a MFD Ape-x. The ‘Ape’ is such a different feel and shape from the JP, but an outstanding Yoyo.

But since I just recently got the Ape-x, I can’t really consider it, the Yoyo I used most in 2013, haha.


The whole of 2013? Probably my FG Avalanche, because it was my first buy of 2013 the only throw I had on vacation.

I have been using my code 2 for the most part of 2 years now

OD Burnside

Probably my Canvas. It is such a good yoyo. Really everything I look for.

Duncan Mg. Its a pad recessed one. I fairly sure it is a prototype.

No idea, but if I had to guess, it’d be the Werrd Hour.

CLYW Yeti. Realistically it is significantly larger than what I usually go for but somehow I love the Yeti. No throw comes to mind as being played the most before the Yeti release at Worlds, and since the Yeti release at Worlds I have played the heck out of that thing. I just have fun with the Yeti. I find it very entertaining and very difficult to put down.

My general yo torrent 2 It was given to me at last years VA state Yoyo competition and I used it for most of the year.

Probably my OD Rally

No matter what I bought I keep on going back to my Dark Magic II.

I don’t think I had of the same any metals all year… They always are changing.

2013 eh without a doubt. in my pocket today, too.


Get any slivers?

Surprise Surprise. :smiley:

2013 eh without a doubt. in my pocket today, too.

That’s a mans yoyo.