Favorite 2013 Release

I’m wondering what yo-yo released this year, was your favorite. If you had to choose one of all you tried, which was your opinion of the year’s best release. List your one favorite, and let me know why.

For me, it was the Ricochet. I thought it was a great idea, brilliant getting an affordable titanium in the hands of so many. Then, to execute the plan and have it with the color options, number engraved, packaged so nicely…and it plays so well. It was so nice, that I bought it twice. I delayed buying it, and kicked myself when I realized what I had been missing.

So, what’s yours?

The summit or the prestige. Really they both fit me so well and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They are literally my dream yoyos and pretty much nothing is going go replace them for me.

Either the Triton or the Quake. I love them both, and they’re so different, I can’t decide which I like better.

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Clyw Onedrop SUMMIT BY FAR in my Clareview station color way its unbeatable

the Yeti. So good.

The Yeti. Never thought a Plastic could play so well, and it is one of my main throws now.

My favorite was the Ricochet, but top 3 are all YYF:

  1. Ricochet
  2. H.O.T. (I think a 2013 release)
  3. Shutter

Draupnir definitely gets my vote for best yoyo release of 2013.

Quake probably gets my vote for favorite yoyo release of 2013. If I ever grow to prefer full size V-shapes then Draupnir would surpass it.

Yeti gets an honorable mention for the same reason at mrnightshadow. Fantastic yoyo for $55 period, the fact that it’s plastic just makes it all that much more impressive.

Onedrop Rally. Onedrop makes their first plastic and knocks it clean out of the park.

TMBR Turner. Might just be me ;).

Draupnir. One of the best, if not the best, yoyos ever made. Signaled a huge change of direction for yoyorecreation. Laser gets honorable mention for its innovative design as well as incredible play.


I own most of the yo-yos mentioned…Summit, Prestige, Quake, Rally, but I’ve heard some really great things about that Draupnir. I think that will be my first purchase of 2014, if possible.

I believe they just released a blue one which would probably be right up your alley. I mentioned it in the YYR show off thread but I never thought I’d own yoyos that were objectively better than the other high end yoyos I own, the Draupnir changed that. It is not my favorite yoyo but it is without question the best yoyo I own and the play is so enjoyable that it is able to override the fact that I still do not really like full size or aggressively V-shaped yoyos. For someone with the means to purchase any yoyo on the market, I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially since it is a brand you are looking to branch into anyway. There is a very good chance that my current 60+ high end metal collection becomes ~10 of my favorite throws with unique play or sentimental value and a small handful of YYR.

The Yeti. Even tho I don’t own one I just liked how it really excited the community. I think it was the best release in that regard.

Prestige - General Yo :wink:

G2 Quake

My exact thoughts too.

Favorite plastic would be the rally. Best plastic ever.

For me it would be the new Yoyofactory Superstar, I love mine. Its a great player and affordable.

Also the new OneDrop Benchmarks, I haven’t had a lot of time with them but the idea was just out of this world, and they do play really great to boot!

Duncan Strix. My favorite throw.

Right now it’s either summit or quake for me. But that might change when I open up my yelets and Benchmark H on Christmas ;D