2013's Best Throw?

What are your opinions on the best throw of 2013?

Heres mine.

Gsquaredyoyos Triton!
By far the most stable throw I’ve tossed. Very easy to maneuver. Just very flowy. I love it.

Whats your nomination?


Triton or gambit for sure!

Triton followed closely by the Quake.

There’s another thread just like this here:


I’m sorta bummed out that no other site took it upon themselves to do a “Best of 2013” now that YYS isn’t part of the picture.


I was about to say, didn’t you post a thread like this? :D. The amount of reposted threads is too darn high!!!


Plastic: Classic
High end Plastic: Rally
Delrin: Quest or Crazy-D
Budget metal: Shutter
Mid priced metal: Gambit (no bias lol)
High end metal: Triton

Overall: Shutter is king! Amazing play at an amazing price

Format C and irony jp 2k13

How have people not mentioned the Summit more? Collaboration between the two most popular companies right now?

It was mentioned quite a bit in the same topic posted about a week ago.  I’m not sure why it’s not being mentioned more tonight.

My vote goes to the summit and the prestige for high end metal, the rally and yeti for high end plastic, and the surge for budget plastic.


Rally, Yeti, Prestige

Despite being released only 4 or so month ago … The shutter has been getting a lot of praise. Definetly one of the best budget metals to date.


Or superno… No, just prodigy

That’s favorite, not necessarily best. For example, my favorite is the Strix, but I’m sure there were other “better” yoyos released in terms of pure performance.

I’m suprised it’s not been mentioned before, for me it’s the Anglam CC

The P.Wave. It has the solid 7075 Aluminum feel,stable and BLAZING FAST. It is just a good oversize to full size throw with immerse spin time and speed.