The yoyo of the year award?


i was thinking about the YYF hubstack recently,and i thought…
should we have a yoyo of the year award? I personaly think it would be a fun idea to at the last week of each year, gather all the best playing, looking, or overall yoyos and almost have a little bracket type thing where we have the forum members vote on their favorite yoyos from that year. so what do you guys/gals think? should we?


It does sound like a really good idea. We should vote on a yoyo from each company than judge the remaining throws. A little late now, lol.


yeah, XD


i guess we could start it next year :stuck_out_tongue:


Would love a bracket type vote. But then again, I may just like brackets :stuck_out_tongue:


It should definitely be done!


Better late than never!

I think somewhere (on this forum or a different unrelated forum) yearly role call, which was a thread that asked everyone including the lurkers to chime in and say that they were still there and answer what they had been up to for the year, and the best of the year was done at tax time. If we go off that we aren’t too far off! :wink:


There have been threads made about this right after the new year, nothing official though.,71032.0.html,70591.0.html,70179.0.html


somebody has to keep it going every year tho haha

(Erik Kerber ) #10

This sounds like a really good idea.


Yeah…I miss’s awards for sure.


What did they do?


Whoops, enjoy an accidental “thank you” on the house!  ;D

They used to have an awards each year. I too am upset that it no longer happens. :frowning:


dang that looks so neat I wish I was around in that time, but oh well let’s get it started again although we would need a lot of research haha.