The RESULTS of the People's Choice Awards for 2013

All right guys - the results are in for the YoYoExpert People’s Choice Awards for 2013! First of all, thanks a ton to everybody who participated; we ended up with 20 voters! Now let’s take a look at the good stuff (drumroll please)…

YoYo Country of the Year: USA (w/ 35% of the vote)

YoYo Player Team of the Year: Duncan (w/ 40% of the vote)

YoYo Company of the Year: OneDrop (w/ 37% of the vote)

New YoYo Manufacturer of the Year: 2Sickyoyos (w/ 50% of the vote)

YoYo of the Year: YoYoFactory Shutter (w/ 50% of the vote)

YoYo Video of the Year: Ill Vibes - CLYW (w/ 16% of the vote)

YoYo Contest Freestyle of the Year: Janos Karancz’s 1A Final @ Worlds (w/ 63% of the vote)

YoYo Contest Moment of the Year: Gentry Stein Winning US Nationals (w/ 42% of the vote)

YoYo Player of the Year: Janos Karancz (w/ 42% of the vote)

YoYo Rookie Player of the Year: Kazuya Murata aka YoYo Baby (w/ 42% of the vote)

Most Inspirational Player of the Year: Janos Karancz (w/ 33% of the vote)

So there you have it! Congrats to all the winners, and I hope everybody had a good time with this.

Discuss below!

BTW, if you see any error in the results, please contact me via PM. Thanks again guys!

WOW Good Stuff


Well, at least I’ve not totally failed :slight_smile:

You probably should have left it open longer with only 20 people voting it doesn’t say much.

I see your point, but 1) there weren’t even any voters on the last two days, so it seems people lost interest in it anyway, and 2) I didn’t want to annoyingly continue to bump it for another week. Not to mention, I’d say that the results are pretty agreeable. None of the winners were undeserving.