Favorite 2013 Release

Spin dynamics Flow

2013 Supernova

The Team Edition Superstars by far for price

Al5. IMO, one of the best yoyos ever made.

Wow, very hard decision. I am loving the stuff Jake from G Squared is putting out. I’d have to say Triton. I like the quake a lot but the triton fits me better.

The bonfire looks great and is a stellar throw.


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  1. Summit
  2. Prestige
  3. Gnarwhal 2

I would easily have to say the Draupnir,… I think it represents a small paradigm shift in the overall design of YoYo’s. But I’m going to reserve the right to change my mind when my Dazzler arrives.

I also believe that Ernie at General Yo deserve an honorable mention for the Prestige though.

YYF also did a great job of bringing an affordable Titanium throw to the market in the Ricochet.

2013 was a great year for the YoYo Community in my opinion.

Of all the 2013 releases I have played (not counting the 2014 CLYW’s) I would say the Prestige, BvM2, Format: C and Summit are all fantastic releases… But for my money I would have to go with the Rally… Just such a well made great playing yoyo…

I should also give an honorable mention to the One Drop Benchmark series… I have the “O” and have played both of the others… For $60 these are some serious yoyo’s…

Summit and Rally.

Hmmmm that’s a rather tough question. But at the moment it’s looking to be either the Summit or the Bonfire (granted I’ve only got about an hour of play time into it).

I’d have to say the Summit, though. I’m a huge fan of the Avalanche and OneDrop’s crazy axle system, so being able to combine the two just hit a home run with me. Though the Bonfire plays exactly like I hoped, it’s a little too early to say it’s my favorite of 2013.

The runner-up would have to be the Champ Ed Genesis. That thing just has a whole different feel to it. Very nice and smooth.

The Yeti somewhat disappointed me. It plays absolutely incredible for a plastic, but I guess I was just expecting something different.

Hated the Triton and BvM2.

My 2014 goal is to acquire a Draupnir. I bet that thing will claw it’s way to the top pretty quickly. It already seems like it has for just about everyone who has thrown it.

How about Shutter and Strix?

Also, when was the CZM84VK made? If 2013, then that one is my favorite.

Your snail mail Bonfire arrived already?!

I know right!

Got mine today. Ordered it the night it dropped. I live in VA. Standard free shipping.

Strix. Love Strix!

I thought all the CZM84VK released so far were prototypes.

shutter by far

Leo sniper mk2. Truly a superb throw. I think there should be obvious comparisons drawn between it and the draupnir, but since this arrived I haven’t wanted to pick my draupnir up. This is of course completely personal, but it is a phenomenon. And such a great improvement over the first version.

The prestige should definitely get an honorable mention here as well. An excellent throw!

Prestige and Draupnir are my picks. LOOOOOOOOOVE these yoyos! The Model 10 was my favorite for a good chunk of the year. Same with the Mr. Butcher, and Format:C.