What yoyo companies produce the highest quality yoyos? (In your opinion)

I enjoy yoyofactory and clyw yoyos. They don’t ding very easily


High quality… I love Turning Point and YYR. Made in the same shop.

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Agreed. I did not know they were from the same shop.


I prefer Gsquared and Clyw

I’d have to say Oxygene

This is an extremely debatable topic.
But to be a little off topic here,and a little less debatable I’m gonna toss this out there.
MonkeyFingeR has the highest quality Ano ;D


YYR, as the guy said above, MFD for ano

One Drop

Wow seriously? General-Yo :stuck_out_tongue:

One Drop is amazing
General Yo is amazing

Never tried one but judging from everything I’ve read on the forum so far, CLYW seems to be a high quality company.

S.Kon without a doubt

Machining quality: Turning Point by far

i really want to say yyr…but general yo imo. ive passed on most of their releases but every general yo i have owned has just been perfection as far as quality goes.

Almost any yo-yo from Japan will be of extremely high quality. High quality metal machining is something that the Japanese take very seriously. Is is like Germans and complex machinery - it’s what they do.

Yoyorecreation has shown the highest manufacturing ability with the recent Draupnir and Laser. The fit on the Laser is exquisite.

Let us not forget Sturm Panzer. While the nature of their designs sometimes induces speed wobbles that some perceive as vibe, the manufacturing capability is second to no one. Their various models cover the whole of the yoyo-design spectrum and are flawless.

onedrop hands down.

2Sick, CLYW, One Drop.

OUT, TK, TMBR and Hildy for wood.

I agree with geezer.

It is possible that companies outside of Japan share that same approach to machining, though. What’s really being said is, “Any company that takes machining very seriously and understands machining yoyos”, and Japan is mentioned because you should find that almost all Japanese machine shops will have that level of seriousness.

One Drop also has that level of seriousness and attention. Some of the companies mentioned outsource their machining to One Drop for that reason.

Can’t argue with the quality of the top-end Japanese companies, but One Drop is also on that list.

And you know what? C3 seems to take their machining quality very seriously as well. I have less knowledge of their machining process, but it doesn’t seem to be outsourced to some random shop that doesn’t know from yoyo. Everything I’ve had from them is top-notch.

I guess what I’m saying is: once you have reached that top tier of quality, there aren’t really improvements from one to the next. So there are many “highest quality yoyos” out there.