what your #1 wanted yoyofacdtory?

just wonderin. im likin the boss and the MVP2.0! ill try to buy a b grade of the mvp2.0 at nationals! what about you guys?

lol yoyofactory not yoyofacdtory

I have a few. I’ve “sealed a deal” on an MPV.

The other two are a G5 and I think a Genesis or Genesis+, not entirely sure yet.

I am going to get an Equalateral ASAP. I don’t feel like waiting on this one.

I want a Genesis or Supernova.
But my #1 all time favorite YYF is my Protostar
DNA is my #2

I’ve always kinda wanted a G5. I also have wanted to pick up the Northstar and Protostar, but never really got around to it.

Some of the new yoyos they’re releasing look pretty cool. I’m interested in the Role Model and the Hiroyuki x Yoyofactory. The new looping yoyo they’re coming out with looks cool, too.

The Buddha king 2
I wanna try to heat 21:21.25 :smiley:


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Black SB Steve Brown 888.

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Yuck. None.

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Supernova or Genesis


an all blue or black supernova

I’ve always wanted a 401k pretty badly.

I’d like to try a skyline but it’s too expensive :frowning:

Catch 22 G5

They’re worth it. :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly.

catlayst or super g


C13/ 22, Blank Label Supernova, Shadow Super G, and a Reiki Sekiya Genesis.