What yo-yo to choose from

Next month (november) is my Bday. i want to try off string, so i asked for an aquarius. i also need a new 1A yoyo. i was thinking the DM or genesis but im not sure. i have a speeder and an XconVict. the large bearing on the Xcnvct broke though and i dont really like the speeder to much. the sides are too sharp. if there are any metal yoyos around 40 dollars besides the metal 0, that would help.

i dont know what tricks i like to much. i have trouble with whips and slack tricks (u can post tips on this too). any response besides starburst and mabe friction stickers. i havent tried silicon. im fine with most colors.

oh and i also might want to put on hubcaps. size doesn’t matter and a heavier yoyo is better for me.

the aquarius is discontinued so i suggest a yff offstring or a hayabusa and 1A THere are no metals around 40 dollars unless you get one from the b/s/t or maybe an atmoshphere

or an M1 if you can find one other than onedrop.com…but that’s discontinued as well… DO NOT get the offstring possibly my least favorite throw requires constant tightening and matinence that isn’t necessary… Go for a hayabusa or even a bigyo alot of people don’t recommend it but it actually has a very nice bounce to it.

He can get the YYF Offstring if he wants. Many people recommend it.

Dark Magic sounds pretty good if you don’t like “sharp” rims, you do like it heavy, and you want to do some 1a, as well as some 4a.

does the big yo have enough bounce not to bang up the floor because my parents might get a little pissed.

but so far i am going for the DM and probobly Big yo

no you have better chance of the yoyo getting scratched then you scratching the floor with the yoyo

The bigyo wont have a lot of bounce since the rims aren’t made off rubber and even with a metal yoyo you’re most likely gonna ding the yoyo than the floor. If I were you I would get a Hayabusa SL. For metal if you add $5 you can get a M1 but I recommend a DM.

Actually, rubber is generally worse for bouncing because it grips the floor and runs away. The BigYo bounces pretty well on tile and stays where it’s at for a while so you can catch it if you miss. The Hayabusa is similar is that aspect.

A big yo is one of the best for bouncing tricks but let me warn you, when it hits the floor, it is really loud, but if you do not mind it, go for it! And as for the yoyo at about $40, the DArk MAgic is good but if you want a metal, there is the mighty flea.

offstring is good. also plays well at 1a.
also. the legacy is awesome for 1a and 3a
if you are finding a cheap metal starting, you might like the dv888 cause it spins long and the gap is exstremly wide


well IMO anyway…lol I like the Bigyo more than Than the offstring… but get whatever feels right to you… rubber gets pretty dirty as well

i think i am getting the big yo

but for 1a, is the dv888 $40 or $80, because if it is 80, how does it compair to the genesis?

I actually like the DV888 better than the genesis by far!

Personally, I thought the Genesis had too big of rims and too defined of an H-shape. I haven’t tried the DV888, but I have tried similar ones and liked them much more. Plus, it’s $60, $20 cheaper.

yep, don’t like H shaped yoyos. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d try to get a DV888. Best for It’s price. Also, Jayyo has some nice cheap metals here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,7596.0.html And shouldnt this be in the Help/ Recommendation section?