What yo-yo for 3a

Tittle says all

really any 1a or 5a yoyo can be used for 3a.
but I know the sigma blade zwei was made for it.

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Crucial deliciuos was made for 3a

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If you can spend lots of money: YYF Genesis
If your going to go cheap: YYF Protostar or YYF ONE.

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I heard Genesis is just like Yuuksta

not at all

they’re the same shape, but as far as I remember the yuuksta plays more solid (same specs but the yuuksta being undersized, the weight is more “concentrated”)

If your just starting out, some Velocities would work fine, When you get a little more advanced, you can buy 2 of the the same yoyos on the b/s/t like some beaters or something.

I’d say splurge for some pheomizms. They’re great for beginning and even advanced 3A. I know lots of people who love them for 3A.