What Would You're Yo-yo Nickname Be?

What Would your Yo-yo Nickname be?

Mine would be Yo-yo Ng (pronounced ing).

Get it? It’s a play on words.

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Lesser Meteor? {Im thin (Okay im very thin [Yes, I’m underweight]), and meteor sounds like meatier}

Lol that was random :o

EDIT: wow, i thought we were supposed to post random names that were plays on words. Now that i see the other people’s posts…

give me one.

You seem to like the number six.

maybe SixZachSix?

BTW: If you ever get a sig, call it the six6six for me?

You know 666 is the devils number? I’m thinking some people might frown on that but that’s just my though. I mean it might sound odd but I wouldn’t buy a yoyo called the 666. But that’s just me. Later.

Keep it spinning™

oh and I already have a nick. Its ether yoyo boy or spinner head. I answer to both at my school. In fact I only hear Robert from my good friends and my brother. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Me neither, i would never buy something that seems demonic.

I would despise, detest, and I denounce it as evil! I’m christian so the number just rings in my head like ALERT ALERT EVIL IS PRESENCE

My nickname is my nickname. :slight_smile:

I think that can be said or many of us.

Although for a while, I was known as Joshio. :slight_smile:


Well, the Number Six has looked after me my whole life. My mom says that Chinese consider 6 a good number. Also 13.

I would name my Sig Six6Six.

Next would be the Three3Three: Half Evil, All Awesome.

My real name’s Paolo, but a lot of people call me Pablo. :-[

haha i used to have a friend named Pablo.

My nickname?

I think Samad is pretty cool ::slight_smile:

Mfea is my nickname :wink:

The Spinning Mac (I am a Yoyo and Apple lover)

chintan= c-crazy

I am Christian too and I agree with Shisaki.

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Well my real name is Mitchell… But I go by Mitch… I mean I dont think any one calls me by my whole name besides new teachers on the first day of school…

My name tag at work even says Mitch…

Oh and kids at school who dont know me call me “Hey, thats the kid who can do the cool yoyo tricks”

i agree too!

ps. people at school call me yoyo dude! lol!