IF you were given the previlege to name any yoyo from any brands you want....


What would you name it?

Yoyojam Lucifer ;D


I’m not such any company fanboy. But i’d like to name a yoyo “palladin”.
palladin is a knight who follow his king. So if i’m using such yoyo, i will be a king with a great knight by my side.


Oops I forgot to mention. This is not about company fanboy-ing or stuff like that. Like… Which brand name sounds better with the name you want to give to your yoyo! ;D


Glad you mention that.
And lucifer is a great name.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #5

WTF² Cloudy Night


Making a yo-yo company is my fall back plan.

Yo-yo Ng Industries Fenrir 13

(pronounced -ing. My last name)

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #7

General-Yo BAMF edition Hatrick

(SR) #8

General-Yo Espionage
General-Yo eSPYonage

Afterall Samad kept teasing us about a General -Yo that’s coming out that starts with Es.


I’d name a VS. Newton yoyo “Leibniz”


General yo M16
general yo colt
general yo superstar (I would like this one)


3YO3 Anomie - 1A
3YO3 Aphex - for 3A
3YO3 Orbital - Looper
3YO3 Candyflip - 4a

(_|@<06) #12

CLYW Liger ;D

(Saur) #13

CLYW Were-bear
The General-Yo Border patrol


YoYoJam SR-71 :wink:


CLYW Nessie
(Noch Less monster)


General-Yo Top-Gun
3yo3 C3PO


CLYW Caribou

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #18

How about the General Yo American Soldier?


How patriotic.

Hspin Venom anyone?

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #20

Ernie puts out a bunch of Patriotic stuff like Purple Heart.