Best yoyo names?


There’s a staggering amount of yoyos in the market. And there’s an equal number of names to match them. But which yoyos do you think have the coolest or most fitting names?

I can’t name a single yoyo I think has the best name, but rather the brand itself: CLYW.

Six of their models’ names have really stood out to me because they so aptly capture the essence of that exact yoyo in a single word.

The Avalanche is powerful, yet can be deceivingly quick.
The Chief is a powerhouse that you almost want to respect; like an elder.
The Puffin is a small little goofball that isn’t the most serious player, but boatloads of fun.
The Sasquatch is large and strong. Plus they rarely show up on the BST ;D
The Canvas because the hubs are a place for artwork. And the organic shape (the ‘original’ yoyo shape) compliments this idea of ‘beginning’ (as you would a painting).
The Campfire is small and undaunting but can burn you if you make a mistake (less stable than other yoyos).

(2Sick Joey) #2

I really like when companies have themes with how they name their yoyos: Deadly SpINS for example and CLYW too. I really like the name gambit as well! Pride, wrath, greed, envy and lust are and are going to be some of the coolest yoyo names.


CLYW has created not just great names but characters to go along with a lot of the return tops!! there could be a Saturday morning cartoon with Dirtbag Yeti and friends!!


sOMEThING is a clever name, the lower cased letters represent Hiroyuki Suzuki. And their budget metal the firmy stands for first metal yoyo. I think the coolest yoyo company name is One Drop, it’s simple and elegant.

(SR) #5

The Essence by General Yo

The name couldn’t be more fitting. It is literally the Essence of every General Yo release up to that point:

• Rims of the Hatrick
• Diameter of the Torrent
• Cup of the 5-Star/Torrent
• Catch Zone of the 5-Star
• Response of the Hatrick
• Finish of the 5-Star v.2

I’d be surprised to see if anyone can top this.


I like that Duncan has a lot of animal names

I also like the name Sakura.

SPYY’s names are awesome as well.

(kclejeune) #7

I love CLYW names. They make me feel like it’s winter, which shouldn’t make me happy cuz I live in Minnesota…


Well, the One Drop 54 sure has a fitting name…


I like how OD named the Yellets.



Yeah, how they named the Yellets was very clever.

They took the specs, and used it as latitude and altitude to find a place called Yellets.


god tricks has some cool names and i throw my cyclone every day


I like c3 names for their throws and clyw too.


Crucial names make me hungry…“All You Can Eat,” “Cupcake” and “Milk.” I love food, so that does it for me. I don’t own one, but maybe soon enough…we’ll see.

I like names that represent power or quickness. Names about being “best” or “first” are cool too:

Majesty (I instantly thought “Yo Majesty” when I saw that name…one of the best)

I think that name for the H.O.T. was clever. It is a good sounding name in and of itself, but then when you catch on to the acronym, it’s like hmmm…that’s “hot!”


Barely legal - Treesome


is that even a for real yoyo?

(Alex Fairhurst) #16

Barely Legal is a small Czech company. Created by former CLYW team member, Zdenek. Personally, I like the “Rainblow”

EDIT: Here’s their manufacturer thread:


Yep. Make sure you put “yoyo” after that if you google it.


I like the Yoyojam Surge.

The name fits it so good. It really carries it’s momentum good and spins really solid.

It really surges with spin power lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I like how one drop got the names for CODE1 n CODE2. community one drop experiment.


Werrd Poo. 'nough said :wink: