Yo-Yo Company Names Thread


I was shocked when I heard the story of where the One Drop name came from. So, I’m curious, if any of you know the story behind the names of some of these other companies. I can guess how they came up with the name YoyoFactory. That is a cool name, but one of the more obvious. YoyoJam sounds good, but why the “Jam” part? The word Jam was used a lot in the 1990s, and if it was a company born in the 90s, it was the word to use back then. That might explain it. General Yo, I can take a guess. Deadly Spins is a clever name, and theme oriented, which is cool. I know the Duncan story. Maybe Mr. Dynamic will share why he settled on “Spin Dynamics.” That’s a cool name. I also wonder what were “runner up” names for these companies. For example, if YoyoFactory was not called YoyoFactory, what was it almost called? It would be cool to hear the stories, for some I bet it was easy to choose the name, and for others they thought long and hard about it.

I know some of you will laugh, but forever… I could not tell the difference between YoyoRecreation, and Recreational Revolution. That recreation word had me confused. It helps now that I own one yo-yo from each company, so I will not have trouble differentiating anymore. But, there was a preference for the word recreation at some point. If those companies were born around the same time, it could just be a word used a lot back then.

So, share what you know about company names…even if it’s a rumor, it might entertain me.


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I’m curious about the origin of the SPYY name. Does anyone know?


I remember in a chat with Ernie he told me, and I’m paraphrasing here, "General Yo came from the fact that there was a General Motors, and General Electric which were both huge American companies, so why not a General Yo for YoYo’s.

I always thought it had something to do with military rank of some sort, so I felt edified to hear him say that.


I realized Yoyo Recreation and RecRev were different countries a week ago.


SPYY stands for Saturn Precision YoYo.


I was guessing military too. :smiley: I guessed wrong. Especially because he shared a story about sending a throw to a guy in the service. I may have seen that on the website, so I figured he was a military guy. Thank you so much for sharing that and clearing that up. I would never have guessed. His yo-yos are considered high class stuff, but GM and GE are not known for that. Solid brands, but GY is more than solid. GM and GE should take notes. Too late for GM…what a shame. Great story…great name though, it sounds so…boss.


That…I did not know, and wonder about the “Saturn” part and wonder if that is a name of the owner, the name of a place (other than the planet), or if it has something to do with machining processes, which I have no clue about.


I wonder about the origin of C3.


Don’t quote me on this, but I thought I heard somewhere that the Saturn part had to do with a yoyo they were designing. I really don’t know for sure though.