Imagine a Third

Imagine André made a third signature yo-yo. Knowing what André is like and the names of his other two yo-yos, what do you think will be an awesome name?

I’d say:

The Magician

White Magic


The Samad ::slight_smile:

I like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the Lan.

Haha, Kim-Lan?

I got it!
The Sam-Lan!

how’bout the jam-lan or sam-jam!

you like!?!

Sam-Lan-Jam ;D

Urgg I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich now :-[

Off-Topic much guys? :smiley:

This is fun.



The Black hole.

Keep it spinning™

Lol its probably gonna be a metal DM or something, who knows. I really think it is.

Cold Mage?
Lone Ranger?
Dark Metal?
Light Magic?
Ice Mage?
Magic-Metal - Its an alliteration!

The Dark Legacy…(dun dun daaaah!!)

probably the legend

Most of those sound like they’re from World of Warcraft or something like that =P

Haha, you’re right :-[