Some questions for André

André, how does the team come up with names for their signature yo-yos? The Ko-Os I seem to understand but what inspires the name?

EG: Dale called his signature the Night Moves. JD calls it the Hitman and the theme is criminal. Mickey’s theme is Speed. Yours seems to be Cool sounding names.

How do you guys come up with this?

Ive always wondered that

Lol Andre’s dark magic’s name:

Haha, thanks rsmod. Also, I think it would be more effective to just PM him.

Why? ??? he probably won’t find this?

I meant PM André the questions since they are directed towards him

Oh i get it now, haha another misunderstanding sorry :-[

Well, if André posted a reply then the whole forum can read it and he won’t have to answer a ton of PM’s. Plus, I’m wondering how all yo-yoers get inspiration for their series name and theme. André is just like me, naming something because it has a nice ring to it. I am just wondering how people like Dale or JD or Yo-hans come up with names.

So techincally, how do yo-yo’s get their names?

I bet it’s exactly what you said. If it sounds good and has meaning.

Sirius is the dog star.

I went to the University of Washington who are the Huskies (dawgs) and studied Aeronautics and Astronautics (star). Plus, the AA department at UW had a satellite a couple of years before I started that was called the Dawgstar.

Ok, that’s nice to know.

Note, naming a yo-yo because it has a nice ring to it doesn’t seem to make sense. Does it involve the materials or something. Maybe Jayyo or Zach knows.