Let’s say you are sponsored and you get a signature yoyo. What would you name it? I’ll start, Cliff.

(WildCat23) #2

Da Beast(the whole thing including the Da).


The Up.

As in Throw-Up

Has to have a dark orange/dark green splash pattern with yellow and red chunky splatter and of course be acid washed.

(Q) #4

The doQtor

(Jei Cheetah) #5

The “none of your business.”
So when people ask what yoyo you are using, you can tell them off.


The HankTank…


Not too sure, but it would probably have owls somewhere in the name, because I love owls and because yoyos have always reminded me of birds.


CLYW+Me= Wild Fire.


Foxlandpresicion+ME=hydra ;D


Preferabley from CLYW, because the name fits perfect, it would be called the Redwood. Named after the street I live on. Maybe a brown acid wash w/ dark green speckle to look like a tree.


I like this one.

This probably the best yoyo name ever…

I’m guessing its an Anti-Yo?

For me…
The Angkasa.

Indonesian for sky.


I think a clyw name could be cool. I would go for THE GREAT WHITE!!!
It would be gray with white stripes going across it. I also think it could have teeth looking paint instead of the stripes.


These are awesome.


Same yoyo but names would differ. The Silver, The Gold, The Platinum, The…Titanium. I want one.


Yeah. Inside the rim, have it have triangle-shaped teeth and a white outer edge, and then the inside being black. The rest of the yoyo would be grey.


hmmm I’m thinking “citrus”


Mine would be called The End


The ninja of course


Mine would be named sindssyge

its danish for insanity and it would be all metallic mostly but speckles/splashes of random colors

or mezzano haha it would look the same though <- Italian


Sick, because I’m sick of yoyoing