What Would You're Yo-yo Nickname Be?


lol Isnt the topic “what would your nickname be”? In yoyoing?

Oops, I should change it to Your Yo-yo Nickname.

my nickname is yoyoman in real life and on forums.

Mine is honzito cuz my last name is Honza and I am Mexican so Honzito :smiley:

Mine stays the same…

the lunch lady calls me yoyo! otherwise mikey or anything u come up with.

Actually I’m Chinese and the number 2 and 3 or lucky numbers. The unlucky number is 4 because in centonese 4 sounds similar to the word die.

The CLYW consumer :stuck_out_tongue:
Or Marmot Wanter

Mine would be Yogan

My names Jacob but only my girl and my siblings call me that, everyone else calls me Jake lol