what would you name your signature series model and brand?


if you were to have a signature series model what would you call it? and what would your company be called?

mine would be the S2 because my innitials is SS and my company would be king yoyos




Mine’d be the zickfire by Dorx yoyos


The Ark, by Noble Yoyo Works
Once I get the hang if designing them, I’ll make the Inheritor.


Mine would be PiZZA by Educated Throws


Snippets And the brand name Boatanicals

(M.DeV1) #7

The Dark Within by TWOFOOLSYOYOS

(Edmeister) #8

I Don’t care by Trolling Yo’s
It’d be a nice epic X Shaped with A Bearing with the Weight of 98.7 Grams , It’d also have spikes from the rims so When you throw it once your in the hospital. :’(


Sombrero. It would have a classic shape with a design like a sombrero with round cone hubstacks to make each half look like a sombrero


If I had a signature series, it would be called “Medusa”.

Company would be called “Mythos”.


Kinda like the YYS Stalker?


not really I was thinking something like an bigger 888 with a greater diameter:width ratio