What would you like to see come from Onedrop (hypothetical)

That is also a good idea but after this mystery box honestly I stop to buy stuff from USA for long time, it will happen again only if I find something I really want, the shipping waiting time is generally long from shops, the only problem is that nowhere in europe someone have a stock like in YYE.

I would just like to increase a bit my number of one drop, I do really love them, I honestly hope in a Free solo/Thorn/Lunar Eclipse/Burnside, I do really like those models at least from specs/pictures!


I get that. I’m in Japan, and it’s usually 2+ weeks. I’ve gotten used to it, but it’s not like being Stateside.

That said, I’d highly recommend the Free Solo, Thorn and Panorama if they appeal to you. I really enjoy the Pano and Thorn a lot more than I expected. The Thorn in particular is one that I’ve found myself reaching for more and more. All 3 are currently available, too.

The Top Deck just seems highly praised, so I’m really interested in it. I’m also interested in the Aitch, Kumaraiju and maybe the Fat Tire (all available, again), but I’m not sure we’ll see another Top Deck run, so really want to score one if I can.

Anyway, like you, I’ve recently discovered One Drop and love their quality. Happy hunting!

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I have the Aitch and Fat Tire.

The Fat Tire is crazy stable and seems to have a lot of rotation time (I used them with a centre track bearing), is veeery fat on the rims so in some combos (if you play technical intricated stuff and even less if you like horizontal tricks) the rims can be a bit “in the middle” , it’s a very fun yoyos and I like to throw it daily, probably not the best if you want to play competitive but I found it very fun in slack and other “air” stuff, it feels good in the hand a bit of weight but not like a rock, for chill casual playing if you want to relax I think is a great choice, also I did not had any other yoyo with a similar shape and I enjoy it a lot!

The Aitch I simply love it one of my fav of all time, it’s quite small (I love small yoyos as my hands are in the small side), amazing for chopstick, great stability and rotation time, you have to get used to it for slack and air tricks but it took me just couple of minutes, you have to be just a bit more precise than usual but after you get used to it comes much natural, I do lot of intricate combos and weird stuff with it and is great, also for horizontals I found it quite comfortable, it play like a little beast, I think it’s done for a more frenetic play in contrast of the fat tire cause also the shape of the Aitch, I would say that if I was into competition I would use it to compete, is a very reliable product, the only negative side of it is the gap being on the smaller size you have to be double careful on tricks that go against the yoyo rotation or you risk to bind it.

Other than this, I would say that from those One Drop yoyos I can feel quality, just looking at them and handling them I can feel the quality of production and care of material, they look all really cool, I remember lot of years ago (really lot of years maybe 9 or more) I won a Project 2 at the Italian Nats, I still have that yoyo in Italy, I used it for years without stop and loved it!