What would you guys choose?

hey guys i was wondering which of these yoyos i should get. i was considering the yyf boss, onedrop dingo, y-factor, and 54. Right now i have a pgm. protostar, and a Dv888. if you have any other suggestions please let me know, my preferences are: undersized, fairly large gap, around 60-65 grams. the tricks I mainly do are slack tricks, grinding, and other basic 1a. so if you guys could give me your opinions on what to get i would appreciate it. Thanks for the help!

well i would say 54 but its 54 diameter so not exactly undersized but it has side effects so u can change the weight and its a nice rounded shape… boss is a great choice too

thanks, i was also looking at the protege and yuuksta, any idea on how those play?

I have a yuuksta and it is really good, undersized, have large gap, smooth and great for slack tricks, grinding, and 1A play. but mine has a little vibe or it is just my bad throw

Yuuksta is great, many prefer it. But out of the ones you chose, I choose 54. It has side effects for different weight and probably feels.

They just play amazing.

hmm ya i get a yuuksta, but mine had some very little vibe too.