A new yoyo...


I have about $60. I want something unresponsive, and good. I like h shape, and i have a protostar and a maverick already… So what is good?

(LookAYoYo) #2

what size? undersized, i would say yuuksta or hectic, full sized, genesis.


i like the size of the protostar, whatever that may be. and how is the one drop m1?


Go for the Yuuksta. Or even a Northstar. Both are very awesome yoyo’s.


Good, but good luck finding one. :-\


i live close to the place where they are made… wonder if i could get one

(LookAYoYo) #7

so protostar is close to genesis. northstar is also good, it is like the protostar but heavier


Your choices:

Buy a yoyojam 40 dollar plastic. DM2, DM1, Revolution, SFX, Xconvict, Hitman, Speeder
Buy a Northstar
Raise your budget 5 dollars and get a YYF fundametal or a YYJ PhenomIzm
Buy a OD Dingo
Buy a Auldley L3 or a shinwoo zen
Buy a b grade Kyo DNS
Buy a Double Take industries Bassboost
Buy a Werrd Minute
Buy a Hspin Icon




Protege, maybe? A Yuuksta? That’s all I can think of.


is the yuuksta unresponsive?


Stock i believe the yuuksta will be unresponsive, but you can always make it responsive with lubes and such.