Undersized yoyo for 1a?

Well I have a dilemma here.
I want an undersized yoyo, yet idk if I’m getting the one I bought from someone (… so I’m sorta …upset… for now :-\ ). It was a Y-factor, fyi.

Skip to the bottom, unless you’d like my “specifications”

I’m looking for floaty (like peak floaty) and/or solid, smooth, grindable, and/or fast.
I don’t need floaty as much as I need fast/solid. Just want opinions here (cause ultimately, I might just get a peak hahaha).
I have a DNA, so I don’t “need” floaty, esp if I get a Peak

looking to do chopstick combos.

Some just play well; I don’t want an 888x for example, seeing how a Y-factor is actually a better choice overall. Then again, the yuuksta plays phenomenally, better than a Y-factor in some respects.
Then again, I’d throw a Wolly Marmot on top just mess that all up.

Get a Y-factor again if I don’t get it?
Wolly Marmot
(or campfire, which is really zippy)
any other choices?

Basically, I’d want a review on the Y-Factor and Wolly Marmot. (then opinions on the minute, campfire, etc.)

PS- if you have an Orange Y-factor FS, I might be interested.

The bassboost is awesome. It can play fast its not super floaty but its ok its really smooth
under sized and its only $50

Yuuksta all the way I have one and they play AMAZING!!! You won’t regret it I promise you. ;D ;D ;D

The skyline fits all your preferences perfectly and IMO it is an awesome yoyo. I played with it before, and I ordered the new splash version right away, with no hesitation.

Yuuksta all the way

Hm, the Lunatic is great choice. Just felt like throwing that out there. The Yuuksta and Y-Factor would also be great choices. :slight_smile:

The SPYY Stryker is a very solid undersized yoyo (also a pretty unique feel to it if you like that kind of thing). If you want something like an undersized Peak, though, I’ve heard the Marmot is as close as it gets.

Also, the Minute is a very very nice yoyo, I played one for a while and I was extremely pleased with it; another really solid yoyo.

my vote is for yuuksta

Markmont Next is nice

Yeah I’m always stuck with the Marmot, Y-Factor, and Yuuksta.
A y-factor may/not be coming. They seem to be in circulation (if I don’t get it). >:(
I guess I’ll get/try a Marmot and Yuuksta sometime. They’re too different from each other.

but I haven’t seen a Minute anywhere. Is there going to be some mass release or something? Or has it been released already?

and I’ve seen the other suggestions. They’re good, but not what I’m looking for.

Everything you said matches up with the Yuuksta IMO. It plays really floaty, very good at all grinds, plays fast, great shape IMO, and is undersized with a great finish with really good balance. It comes stock with a Center-Trac bearing.

I have a link for the minute… Pm me.

Undersized yoyo for 1A? Bassboost anyone? http://dtiyoyo.com