Undersized yoyo

So I was thinking about getting a slightly undersized yoyo, nothing so extreme as a mighty flea or big deal, but I’d like a change from my YYF Genesis. I’ve been throwing the Genesis for a while, and I want something more floaty, and a little smaller, any suggestions guys?

You might want to check out the Y-Factor. It is undersized and floaty and a lot of fun!!

The dv888 might be a good yoyo for you

You should check out the Campfire, too.

I’m getting a 44 special in the mail soon ;D


If you like the Genesis, a Yuuksta might be perfect for what you’re looking for. Other amazing throws I’d recommend would be the Campfire and the Pacquiao.

Yuuksta’s a beast if you want a smaller yoyo.
May also want to check out Auldey L3.