What would you do for an OG Peak?!?

Alright, I’ve been searching for one for months, and if probably give a USA hatrick for it. What extremes would you go to to obtain an OG Peak? Let’s hear!

OG peak is worth double the price of a usa hatrick

I’d pay $20 less for it than i could sell it for because painted yoyos are terrible and i have no interest in it.

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^^this guy is on a roll… Should change your name to DebbieD.

This is starting on the wrong foot.

You’re right… I’m a bit impulsive this evening. Probably had too much internet today.

Not much since I have no interest in owning one. If I thought I could flip it really easily for $100+ profit I guess I’d buy it but I’m not really in the BSTing mood any more and would rather not buy something that I have no intention to keep.

Definitely agree with you there. Owned several peaks and the only reason I owned them was for trading fodder. I hate the way they perform and every single one of them has vibe.

I’m not looking to get one for its performance or profitability, but for its historical value.


Agreed. Some just like to collects yoyos, not just have them strictly for performance. I wouldn’t mind owning a peak if they weren’t so Damn eexpensive! Lol

40 bucks

Yeah, not many people can say they own an OG peak.

Nothing. Don’t want it. Don’t need it.

How much do peaks go for anyways? I have no clue. I don’t think I’d want to own one considering all the bad comments I get about them.

I want a pair of Fireballs with mod parts more than an OG Peak.
But that’s just me, maybe I still choose the Peak because most everyone wants it and I can trade that with so many pairs of Fireball awesomeness…


OG peaks tend to be 600+

$80-$100. Cuz that’s what its value should be.

I happen to think the Peaks tend to play nice. 99% of the ones I’ve had in my shop have had moderate to heavy damage on them. Once repaired they spin very nicely. The two I have were beaters that have had significant rehab done to them and they are smooth spinning.