OG Painted Peak Price?


First of all I was told on BST to not post on other people’s threads, so they wont post on mine, so that is not the forum to ask questions on, possibly the collector’s corner but I am not quite sure. I apologize in advanced if this is the wrong section, I am still getting used to this forum =).

Anyways I was just wondering if I was able to find an OG Painted Peak (the white w blue mountain one) and the person wanted to sell it how much do you think it would sell for?

Im not talking about people who love their Peaks more than their pets and wont take a $1,000+ offer, I am also not talking about someone who is desprate for cash and will sell for less than $100. I am wondering what the average prices would be.

I dont think anyone that has one would part with it but if I happen to be at the right place at the right time anything is possible. This is just a price check, I have tried to find history, I remember in maybe 2008 I saw them for ~$200, I forgot the condition but they were getting traded around, now a days NONE!

Im sure there is one guy with like 9 OG Peaks and another with 7 that bought every one they could find and are always going to keep them, that is probly another factor in why they are so hard to find, there were 47 (I think? around there atleast.) made and if the guy with 9 the guy with 7 and two guys with 5 each are keeping them and going to be buried with them then that is already half of ALL the painted peaks that are out of the question, that adds to the rarity Im sure.

The question is IFFF I am able to find one, I know I probly wont but please dont answer with that, just price checking!

again sorry if this is the wrong section :/.



The short answer is that the reality is that they are not “worth” more than their original prices.

Now, we go into value. Different issue.

Expect to pay around $400 and up. These are rare, hard to find, and people don’t want to just give these up. Those selling them know they can get it too.

I’ll say it right now, after my vacation and my next check hits, I’m laying out $400 for the next 2 CLYW’s to drop at YYE. I’m also laying out equal dollars(plus the left-overs) for a 1st run and 3rd run Peak. I know for what I want, that will be more than sufficient funds. My problem will be “who will have either or both for sale”.

I remember some guy on BST taking cash for low-ball offers on Peaks. I have yet to hear of a deal actually being completed. I didn’t like his attitude or sales tactics so I just shot down his offers to sell them to me. He then claimed he just sold them, and I was “OK, good for you”.


Wasn’t there a 28stories Peak that went for over 400? I can imagine an OG painted Peak going for upwards of 500-600. But it all depends on who’s buying it. Something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.


I’ve been looking for an OG Peak for over a year, and finally found a Mint one for under 450$ and that was a bargain. I’ve been in contact with a lot of OG Peak owners, some would never sell, other asked ridiculous prices (over 800$) for a non Mint one.

Good luck, these are soooo hard to get, I got lucky!!! and mine will be with me for a long time.



Yeah the thing is the people who own them wont sell to the point where they want to be buried with them hahah ;). I remember an old friend I met at PNWR, maybe he quit yoyoing and wants to sell it? (not like him quitting yoyoing is a good thing, would rather have him still throw and not get it)

But yeah if someone had one in great condition I wouldnt mind dropping 4 hundo :wink: