CLYW Peaks - What will it cost me?

If I could find say a raw 3rd run peak, what would I have to pay? 3rd runs play better and painted ones ding easy so that’s why I used that example. I don’t see any Peaks anywhere for sale or trade. Anybody know what they’re worth these days?

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Try asking here? Yoyo Appraisal Thread

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The last raw Peak I saw that sold was around $150


I remember Jason Wong wouldn’t say exactly but bought one w a few dings and white paint So it was considered great condition he paid over $1,000 and he said 5 custom anos, so he paid like $1,800

Think about this in 2007 my friend had a mint peak and said watch my case in getting food, if I cashed it in now I would want 5-8 grand. I know Jason Wong I would say 10 gs


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