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Please delete

Good luck, pal.

I want a mansion, a Lamborghini, and lots of money. Too bad I’m more likely to get that than you are to get what you want. :-\



^^^my thoughts exactly lol you would be lucky to get a beat to crap og peak let alone a mib one. I think everybody on here would want one and if you found it be prepared to pay 1000+ for it. Probably wouldn’t even get a chance cause Jason Wong swipes up every mint Peak. Im not bitter or nothing lol

Normally it’s not appropriate to post in someone else’s BST thread, but I just had to comment on this.

It’s unlikely that a user who just joined this month will get any offer to buy an OG peak. Most people who own them don’t want to get rid of them, and those who would get rid of them would only want to sell it to someone involved in the community.

Even if you do find a MIB one, it’ll likely be over $1000. Mint ones are basically nonexistent at this point.

I’m sorry to be a nay sayer like everyone else who’s posted, but I’m fairly certain that a MIB OG peak simply doesn’t exist. Maybe a mint one does, but the chances of it also still having the original box are nigh impossible. I’m not going to say that you can’t buy one because they’re too expensive, because I have no idea your financial situation. But as others have said, mint ogs sell for $1000+. Last november someone selling an og peak w/ two paint chips turned down an offer for $500, and then sold it for even more than that.

Why not go for a 1st or 3rd run? Those are less outrageously expensive, and play great. You won’t get the twin peaks paint, but you’ll still have a great throw that most people would kill for.

MIB OG peaks do exist!
hard/imposible to find yes, but good luck!
OG Peak par zombieyo, sur Flickr

Mmm. She’s a beaut right there.

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