FS: Mint OG Peak #33

Hey guys, I am listing OG Peak #33 and the an Anti-Yo Eetsit in the photographs has already sold.

The Peak is absolutely pristine. The response area is still glossy which after owning a few of these makes me think the original owner (I’m the second) didn’t use it much as that paint generally wore down from use. I do not have the box for this one but included is the OG Peak string from g-string when it originally released in 2006.

The price includes PayPal G&S fees and I will cover shipping in the US. Happy to ship overseas but we’ll have to discuss that/cost further.

[SOLD]OG Peak - $2590.91 (I clear $2500) - in the last year I have received four offers $2k+ topping out at $2300. I currently have two offers at full price but am unsure when they’ll be able to pay so it’s still available. This is what I’m willing to sell it for and am not looking to negotiate.

I’m not ecstatic to sell this, but Old School Throws has paid for what financial aid has not covered during my time in college… and I haven’t made anything in a while as the costs haven’t made sense.

I took these photos last week and would be happy to update the time stamp if you’re serious about purchasing. PM with any questions!




OG Peak added, if photos are a weird ratio for anyone else lmk and I’ll try to upload new ones


Shocked this hasn’t sold yet.

When the price of a yo-yo consist of four or more numbers to the left of the decimal point, and right of the dollar sign, people seem to be in general, a little more hesitant to bounce that high.

Being from California, I actually considered buying it as a form of yoyo cryptocurrency. I figured I could keep it in the glove box of my truck and if I’m ever running on empty, I could just trade it for a tank full of gas.


Massive want🤤

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I’m just here to stare and drool.

I wont make this a useless post when you’re trying to seriously sell your throws though, I may have someone interested in the Peak I will let you know tomorrow via PM.

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