What were your original purchase plans?

I’m new to yoyoing, if you don’t count the childhood obsession phase featuring a Duncan and lots of looping. When I got back into it a month ago, I was all:

“Yeah this rocks, this is just like when I was a kid! I’ll get myself a responsive yoyo and an unresponsive yoyo and I’ll be all set for life!!”

Flash forward a month: I’ve now got a ONEstar, a Shutter, and I keep checking out pics of that Halloween edition Level 6. I was such a naïve fool to think that I could get into yoyoing again and be content with two throws :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to hear your stories about this!

I originally thought once I got a DMII Id be set for life. Fast forward 2 years, Ive gotten/sold/traded over 50, possibly 100 yoyos

So I was lucky enough to find a club and I ended up getting a CLYW Chief last sunday
for a e-cig mod that I didn’t have any use for anymore

I also ended up trading my nintendo 3ds for a RecRev Neueu( Idk how to spell it ), Duncan Torque(God Amazing Yoyo), Duncan Strix( Gorgeous yoyo afraid to throw it) and a Trap XL that was stripped but I’ll work out a deal with the person I traded with.

LOL I really want an Alien Galaxy Shutter now but I can’t find it. Might buy a Carp Shutter from Rewind
Really want a Summit and A Horizon too. Those are my near future plans.

Plan?? There is no plan. I buy on impulse.


andy569 and I are living parallel lives. I stumbled onto a video 3 years ago of André doing tricks with a DMII and bought one immediately thinking that was where it would end. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I never collected anything until I found yoyos. I think I peaked at 138 before I started selling them off because I had no where to put them anymore. I’m back to down to a “manageable” 60, but that still doesn’t include all the yoyos I bought for the yoyo club I sponsor at the middle school where I teach.

If you really only want to get 2 or 3 yoyos and no more, then I suggest you smash any computer in your house, go back to a flip phone with no net access, stay away from toy stores or hobby shops and put all your money in a 20 year Certificate of Deposit (CD) where you can’t access it.

I used to have a savings account. Now I have yoyos. :stuck_out_tongue:

First I bought a plastic Yomega “Yomods” thing. I bought the blue one because I thought it looked cool. Then, I realized I needed to learn the basics first so I purchased a Brain. Soon, I bought a Raider. I moved on quickly and bought the black “Yomods” because I wanted to try a heavy 69g yoyo. On my 4th week of yo-yoing, I bought a Yomega Prodigy. I did not intend to have all Yomega yoyo’s. I only realized I had all Yomegas when I bought the Prodigy lol. I originally intended was to not get the Prodigy and jump straight to a super high end imported bi metal yoyo like the Draupnir or Anglam or Dazzler. I realized I freakin’ suck that I am not good enough to take advantage of those yoyos. It’s kinda like driving a Koenigsegg…I can drive it but I cannot truly drive it.

Original fall buying plan was this-
-New run Puffin 2
-OD rally
-Yeti (yet to release)

  • Markmont.Classic

Went like this…
Et Elysian (Good buy, finger spins>)
CLYW AC2 (Yuck. Loses the double rim, so maneuverability is off to me)
OD Rally
Chief is pending

I never had a buying plan, but I have to admit that my first short term goal was to find a great yo-yo to learn on. When I bought my Dark Magic II, I was all set at that point. But, I was still curious about a lot of other yo-yos. I wasn’t in any hurry to sell my cheaper plastics (although I did some time later). So, I knew I’d end up doing the collecting thing on some level. But, it took a little time for collecting to have a direction. Now, I’ve got it all figured out. I could have twice as many throws, or half the throws and still be fine with it. I’m nowhere near even filling one of 9 closets, so if I can eventually fill one, that might be the time to scale it back a little. Until then, as long as manufacturers keep up the good work, I’m full speed ahead. I believe in investing in this industry too, and buying is one way to do it.


I bought an 888 in 2008 and thought I’d never buy another unresponsive yoyo because I was very frugal at the time. Then I bought a couple more on YYN in 2010 and knew I’d probably end up wasting a whole bunch of money because I had become very compulsive and wasteful with my money.

exactly my thoughts…

Yep. That’s pretty much how it went.


LOL I chortled at my screen

I actually have 15 yoyo’s now LOL

lets see. I got a DMII and thouht i was set for life. then i got a metal drifter because i wanted to try freehand, then a mosquito as a “carry around” yoyo. now i have over 30 various yoyos

It was, “Wow, a bearing around the axle? I’ve got to try one of these” Which was a DM if I remember correctly.
Then shortly followed a progression: Mini Motu, Convict, FHZ, Lynn Fury, 888, DV888, Addiction
Then: “Maybe I should try to sell some string, so I can have a yoyo budget”
Then: Mostly metals, but currently all total yoyos after some sales = 15 to 20.

after my first 3 throws a old maverick, dm2 and dv888 i wanted an 888x so bad its all i could think about so my first birthday yoyoing that was what i wanted. but something like a week before im not exactly sure why but i decided i wanted a code 1 instead ( I do believe it had something to do with sniffy yo’s review of it) I got it and to this day i think it was the vest decision of my life hopping off the yyf train.

I just laughed at Gambit’s post

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I also succumbed to a buying frenzy where no paycheck was safe. When I got back into throwing, it went like this:

Shutter first, fell back in love with throwing. Then bought a CZM8 the next day, because the choice between the Shutter and that was really difficult the day before.

Used those for about a week and a half. Then I impulsively bought a SPYY Supra when I went to the store for string. A week later, that was followed up by an Orbitron 5000.

At that point, a bit of regret set in. I had spent $300 over 3 short weeks on stuff that I didn’t really need for a hobby that I just got into.

Then the Deep Space Summit was teased before release, and I knew I was buying one. Went back to my early college days of eating ramen in order to scrape up enough to afford it.

When that arrived, I told myself I needed to stop for a while. My wallet was sore and starving.

But somebody posted a picture of a Viszilla on /r/Throwers, and I wanted it baaaaad. They offered to sell it to me, but I didn’t have the money.

Over the next couple of weeks, I searched high and low for another Viszilla, in preparation for another paycheck. In my search, I found that YYE still had Bapezilla.2’s in stock, and they’re essentially the same as the Viszilla. So as soon as I got my next check, I bought one of those.

Finally, I reached a point where I was happy with everything that I had, and thought I would be good for a while, which I was.

About a month later, I saw the all black SPYY Addiction, and knew I would love to have one. Found one on the BST, and traded my Summit for it, because even though I loved the Deep Space colorway, the Summit wasn’t for me. And I still hasn’t fully recovered from my earlier spree.

After that, the world’s mystery pack was teased, and I bought one of those, because I couldn’t pass up that deal.

Shortly after that, the first look at the Markmont. Classic was released, which I knew would be an insta-buy for me. I then decided that I wanted to buy any of the old Markmont throws, because they looked awesome. Found a Next on the BST, and couldn’t resist.

Over the month of September, my grandma got sick with late stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and passed away earlier this month. This kinda sounds bad, but I was really down when she passed, and decided I needed a pick-me-up, and figured that a trip to my local store couldn’t hurt. I originally was planning on picking up just a couple of new bearings to tinker with and cheer me up. Instead I walked out with a new Horizon. The combination of a radically different design than what I usually prefer, and the challenge of practicing finger spins and basic horizontals definitely worked in picking me back up. Kinda felt bad that I was materialistic in order to pick myself up after she passed… But it worked.

Since then, I’ve been awaiting the release of the Classic. When I get my hands on that, I really believe that I’ll be done buying anything for a while. There really isn’t anything else out right now, that I can readily buy, that is appealing to me.

I still have some wants that aren’t in stock anywhere because they’re older and rarer throws, but unless I comfortably have enough to afford those when they pop up in the BST, I think it will be quite a while after the Classic before I buy anything else.

Sorry for the long read, but that’s my history of how my plan to be frugal went to crap shortly after I started, haha.


Raise a glass to Paul Ash/Sniffy Yo. Nearly two years and still very much missed.



Aside from the feverish insanity of my first year in yoyoing, which was a extremely expensive lesson in impulse control, I’ve managed to stick to a “one yoyo per year” buying schedule. Mostly. Kinda.