What ways can you use a yoyo to annoy people?

You can say example that you did and a story behind it.
Things you wanna do, but never would.
Or maybe just a very farfetch thing that you can only dream or fantasize about.

Heres something I came up with In school do a sleeper when theres a test and have it roll on the desk in front of you make that “machine gun” kinda noise.

Or maybe just keep doing loops in the persons face trying to get as close as possible (NOT HITTING HIM) and just freak him out!

any ideas you have for annoying people that involve a yoyo?

Just go in front of the entire class and hit every cool looking trick. People get jealous and buy yoyos then realize it’s not as easy as it looks.

Or you could loop or forward pass in their face and when they jump say “Two for Flinching” and hiy them.

yoyo in front of them…
the bearing will annoy them enough

throw a strong sleeper and the grab the string an inch from the yoyo and hold in their face. Always works for me

lol i have a story. one time i was using a new yoyo (dif e yo GTO-T) and i had two friends watching with their legs open. one of my other friends came up behind me and said she would pay $10 to see them both nutshotted at the same time. maybe just a stomp or something. i said what if i used my yoyo. she thought i couldn’t do it at the same time and if i would, i would get $20. i got $20 and it was the only good time my yoyo has flown apart on me. it split perfectly leaving the axle and bearing still on the string and the two halves went to their targets. the best part is that it happened while we were talking about it. i didn’t try to do it. i just threw a sleaper and boom, altos for everyone

do a lot of around the worlds and chase people around its funny ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :Dlol

actually i coming up next week i get to present my senior project on " the positive affects the yoyo has had on the world" i plan to bust several moves while doing it.

Do a Boomerang then run around to everyone while making a really disgusting and scary face. Lol!

I actually ignore them, and then they get bored and go away, or the bearing is annoying them.

You can talk about yoyos to one of your friends who doesn’t like yoyos in any way shape or form.

That is the single most annoying thing anyone with a yo-yo can do. Someone did that to me once, when I was a kid. I think he is still locked in the cellar in my old house.

This should not be encouraged.
YoYoing is a good and positive thing, not a way to annoy others.
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