ok guys when im at school my friends and other people keep saying im obsessed with yoyoing and say that people only yoyo if they have no life and that its for lonely people.So, im not getting why they say this, i mean a lot of people say im really good but soome people are just mean to me.

So has this ever happened to you? If so, how did you make it go away?
Please help.

Give them a punch in the- Just ignore it. They’re just haters. THey make fun of stuff they can’t do.

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“Ignore Them”
“blow Them off”

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Most of us have gotten this at some time or another. Just ignore them. They’re jealous. f you want, bet them that they can’t get your yoyo back to their hand. They won’t win.

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tell them to try it lol. I have the same problem, in school i yoyo a lot when i have free time but my friends and other people have seen it so much there starting to be mean. And same deal dont know what to do i mean i like to just show off lol

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Just them something like, “Jealous much?” Or something funny like that. I would only recommend doing this next one if you can self defend yourself. Start to make fun of them, bullies are really self conscience and an insult to one of them is worse than a kick in the you know whats. Don’t really do this 2nd one unless they are really a-holes because you are then stooping to their level. But this is sometimes the only option.

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I get that a lot, I ignore it unless someone is persistent, then I can be a really jerk, I don’t need to be colorful here on the boards but yeah. Anyhow, for every person that is negative you find 2 that are positive, so don’t worry about it.

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d4rqkon3, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you would have no problem defending judging from your avatar (I’m guessing you’re in some branch of the armed forces)

and to yoyosnard, Just ignore them. A lot of people are jerks and make fun of people for being/doing different. Deep down they’re just ticked that they have no real skills… But as for your friends doing it, Are they really that good of friends?

p.s. I don’t really have to deal with this too much, Because when people see a 6’ 2" 250lb Irish/German guy with mutton chops swinging a metal object on the end of a string they tend not to say anything unless it’s a complement 8)

I make your mom jokes.

“Wow, you must have no life.”

Me: Actually, I do. I spend most of my time doing this and your m-

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Lol! I am so gonna use this one at school!

shmoe93 i fixed it for you.

Samad you need to be put in time out. ;D

Samad when i read that, i laughed so SO HARD!!!

Almost hit them. They leave.

yoyo infront of a girl he likes haha or some of his friends and maybe they will like it and he wont fit it with his friends

do the simplest thing. start a yoyo club where everyone swears aleagience to you and in a year or two you will have an army of your very own minions. next stem to get rid of haters is to kill them :wink:

ignor him, or maybe give a little “hit” to him to show how yoyo’s can be weapons.Or diss him like if he says you don’t have a life then say like, “no life is still better than you” or something >:( fight back, for your right.

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Personally I just ignore people like that. It gets tiresome if you feel the need to defend yourself every time somebody attacks you. It puts you on the defensive and that’s not fun. The best thing you can do is show them (even if you are pretending at first) that it doesn’t bother you a single bit. You give them no fuel for their fire and diffuse the situation without conflict. I don’t like conflict if I can avoid it, and if people don’t like you for who you are, don’t waste your energy on them. Anyway, my that’s my 2¢. I hope that you are able to resolve this situation quickly!

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Don’t let them use your 5* or Hatrick lol

Don’t be sore. Ignore

Now watch things work.

Ready…Aim…Shoot the moon. lol.

Yeah, I get told that sometimes, but it’s usually in a friendly tone.

They jealous of your mad skills ;D