I wish I never quit. (this is not spam)

I just feel like I need to share this…
Like 9 months ago I was the best I ever was at Yoyoing. Now I look at my vids and I’m just like wow. I use to be amazing then I got tired of all the haters at my school. Being called names and “a term not used here” just for doing what I loved. Then I went to middle school. Then I would see these “popular” people bringing $5 yoyos to school. The 1 day I brought my protege to school people thought I was amazing! Everybody loved it and couldn’t get enough!! To bad I quit over summer, forgot all my tricks and I watch my vids trying to get them back! That really set me back :(. And it’s funny all of my “haters” are stupid, and are getting held back! Thanks for those who aucully read this. And if your in elementary or middle school just remember. Don’t give a doorknob about what those haters say. Never quit Yoyoing, I know silver man (my neighbor) will never stop and has 1 perfect route for his future.

Agreed. I didnt quit because of haters, but I could be awesome if I hadnt taken a 9 month break. Never EVER let other people run your life for you (unless its your family).

All the time people will say rude things to me. On Facebook, they have they same comeback “Go play with your stupid yoyo”…well it’s worse what they say but I’m not gonna say it. But Metal, your an awesome yoyo’er and person. Talking to you at Worlds was great!

All I have to say is that people REALLY hate when they are jealous. I have TONNES of haters that my school but that has never stopped me. I find a 2:1 (liker:hater) ratio.

No one has ever hated on me as of yet. In fact someone was so interested that now he’s yoyoing.

I stopped yo-yoing at school. why? not because of haters. in fact, most people at my school are super supportive and enjoy my yo-yoing. the reason is because i don’t want to be known as the yoyo guy. i want to be known as Max.

I don’t see why people quit from name calling. i am not yo-yoing at school, yet i still yoyo 2-3 hours a week. granted, that is like 6 hours less than normal, but part of that is finals.

don’t quit yoyoing. don’t be the yoyo kid. be yourself. some people say that you should be yourself and that includes yo-yoing, but i think that if people give you a title because of something, then you are not yourself.

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One way to remove that title is to get your friends to join yoyoing as well. This way, yoyoing would become so common that you would not be seen as the ‘yoyo guy’ anymore.

haters hate on me at school but most pple love it i jusyt say Why do u play video games 10 hours a day,get a life or why would u spend 100 dollars on a shirt thats stupid or ignore them plus they always say "u gay i mean the yoyos do the work for you " so i say fine u try that person fails and either stops hating or become sa yoyoer

Agreed. If I had not joined yoyong, I would have spent money on video games and online currency of facebook games, which would have been devastating.

In my school you are not allowed to bring any toys so I never brought my yoyo to school, but sometimes when I go out with my friends I brought my yoyo and show it to them and they were amazed.

same here but i personaly talkreed to the prinicpal and he said its okay as long as i only do it during lunch hour but i ask to go to the bathroom 6 times aday so i can go throw a quick colmbo :stuck_out_tongue:

yea same man i just took a short break for like a couple weeks from bringing my yoyo to school and telling everyone i quit but i was at home learning tricks i thought i would never learn then i brang it one day and then i was back and they dont usually pick on me anymore

You know, there seems to be a lack of haters where I live. I yoyo just about every where I can and most people enjoy it. I admit I haven’t yoyo’d at high school (mostly because there’s no time), though I know many other older highschoolers who think it pretty neet. It’s kinda interesting how much it varies from place to place…

there really arent haters in my school too. most people dont even notice when im yoyoing. except for some of the “cool” kids that sarcastically ask " hey can i see your yoyo haalol"

Yeah, Matt, you shouldn’t never quit.

Thumbs up to you! Beautiful Statement at the end. It is true, nobody should care about the haters in your life. There only hating because they can’t do what you can.

You need to get better friends.

Lol samad, I have friends that live in the ghetto! Lol but yes I have tons of supportive friends

If you let any “hater” stop you from doing something you like you are weak and will never be able to do anything because people dislike everything anyone does.



So what you saying is