What was your 'Second' yoyo?


I heard alot about first yoyo.
So what was your second yoyo? :slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #2

My first unresponsive, a YYF ONE.

Aww ye :slight_smile:

(ed) #3

i traded my first yo-yo for my second one. sometime in the mid 80’s.


Yomega Raider.


First: yomega powerspin
Second: custom yo Axl

(Cerulean) #6

I’m pretty sure it was a yomega brain, but it might have been an imperial or a butterfly…


Upgraded my northstar (which I still love!)
To an Hspin Icon! (First metal)


Let’s see, it would be a butterfly.

My second metal was a Arctic Circle.(first was a wooly marmot)


My second yoyo And Second metal was a Popstar


My second yoyo was a YYJ Dark Magic 2, my first being a Yomega Maverick. Pretty big upgrade going from a Maverick to a DM2!


Yomega brain.


mini-motu, by yoyojam




YoMike (Rest in Peace brother) sent me a pink Kickside for free after he found out the Metal Zombie (Not the ones they make now) I had bought had a stripped axle after I had it for just a few hours.
Without that kindness he showed me I might not have fallen in love with our community and probably wouldn’t be throwing still.

*Though I suppose the Kickside could be considered my first, so my second would be a Mini Motu.


RecRev f(x)

I’ve heard a lot about second yoyo,
So what’s your 14th yoyo?


Duncan Imperial

My 2nd 1a yoyo was the YYF Velocity


YYF Dv888 and I still think if is a nifty little thing


my second throw was a SmallMindz Zombie, in the late 90s. it was real similar to the tom Kuhn silver bullet 2.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #18

I’ve owned way to many yoyos to remember the order of their acquisition. I can usually tell you the 1st and the last one, sometimes the last 5.

(H.J.Fras) #19



yomega raider