"What type of color way is the best" poll


Well, silver (or raw) is hands down the best color for hiding dings I would think :wink:


I’m typically a solid color person, but some fades are indeed real sexy such as that sunrise fade VTWO…
I’m ok with splashes and washes as long as it’s nothing crazy like MonkeyFinger with lots of exotic colors…

(ChrisFrancz) #63

Just calling them colors sounds dorky. When I buy my next car I’m gonna say I want something in a black colorway. I like all my clothing in black and earth tone colorways too.

(Spinworthy Glen) #64

Yes. This is my main problem with splashes, acidwashes and swirls, etc.

A complicated splashed up colourway hides the beauty of the design itself.


I think colorway is an industry term. From which industry specifically I am not sure.

(ChrisFrancz) #66

Yeah. Either way it makes yoyoers sound like their hobby is more sophisticated…”Excuse me, sir, I’ll take the QX307 Dillinger in thee gray marble colorway…”


colorway ( plural colorways )

  1. (arts) The scheme of two or more colors in which a design is available. It is often used to describe variegated or ombre (shades of one color) print yarns, fabric, or thread. It can also be applied to apparel, to wallpaper and other interior design motifs, and to specifications for printed materials such as magazines or newspapers.

(ChrisFrancz) #68

Fancy Schmancy. I’m out.


If I am reading that correctly, technically colorway should only apply to splashes and fades and other complex anodizations – because it only applies to “two or more colors”.


A red yoyo comes in a red color.
A splash yoyo comes in a gold, blue, and silver colorway.

(ChrisFrancz) #70

That makes sense. Colors are colors and a mix of them like on my galaxy DV888 is a colorWAY. Let’s not talk about the DV888 though. Unless you want to. Do you think it’s overpriced?


One thing nobody mentioned about splashes and fades is that you can tell when the yoyo is slowing down based on how it looks. Not REALLY important, but I like to maintain my yoyos to be as silent as possible, and on the ones with a few different colors I can tell the difference between high speed and slow speed spinning based on looks alone (especially helpful when wearing iems) and with enough practice you can know when you have to bind based on sight. does anybody else experience this?

As for my favorite, id say fades=splashes>solid colors=the rest. Sometimes it depends on the design and color, so it can really go any way. If I am allowed to judge aesthetics of yoyos based on pictures alone, the coolest looking yoyo ive ever seen is probably the 2sick Castle, and it is a raw yoyo, so take that for what it is.


I hear you man :fist_right::boom::fist_left:

(Mk1 Yoyos) #73

One extra cool thing related to this is with a fade, if you do a bad throw two colors will become isolated in the space where the yoyo is vibrating.

(ChrisFrancz) #74

The quitest one I have is the MYY Silencer. Mine literally is silent. Nothing. Most of my metals - there’s just that very quiet thwipping sound due to an object in motion but my Silencer…nothing. I need to get some clothespins and baseball cards and find a way to rig it up and make some noise.


Or do you?

({John15}) #76

Another super classy white string pairing. So clean looking

(ClockMonster) #77

Just wait til my Anomaly arrives and I dress that up with a Smiley Performance Blend string!


Wow what a great description of my throws…

(ClockMonster) #79

I’ll also put in a vote for dual-solid colorways like the new red/blue Anomaly. The two colors look really great together, and the yoyo remains completely symmetrical making it far more attractive to my eyes than yoyos with split halves.


That’s quite rare, I think I’ve only ever seen one or two of those. Not enough to even call it a thing!