"What type of color way is the best" poll

(ClockMonsterLA) #81

I have a rare yoyo! Neat!

(Pantheon Throws) #82

No idea what they do or how they do it, but everything that comes out of monkeyfinger Ray’s shop is just STUNNING.


There are the “dip” styles where you get different colors on the caps vs the inside but they are uneven and more like splashes in that regard. The technique on the Anomaly is much more precise.

image image

Maybe @YoYoExpertGarrett would know of more examples than the blue/red (they call it “USA” on the YYR webpage) Anomaly.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #84

There was an edition of the Duncan Windrunner that had blue cups and a red profile.

You can see it in this video:

It looks like a half swap but it isn’t! They had some for sale at the south east regionals in FL this past year.


Yeah it’s used all over. Sneaker collectors are the ones who pop into my mind but I’ve seen it many places


Yes, I’m glad we’re getting away from calling everything a half swap that has different colored halves. Used to called them bape’d but that faded


I’d really love a drab camo colorway. I like muted tones. It’d look great with a white or yellow string.


Oh there have definitely been camo releases.

image image


The Turbine is pretty much what I was thinking of. The top one is too bright - the yellow anyway. Thanks for the pics!


colorway ( plural colorways )

  1. (arts) The scheme of two or more colors in which a design is available. It is often used to describe variegated or ombre (shades of one color) print yarns, fabric, or thread. It can also be applied to apparel, to wallpaper and other interior design motifs, and to specifications for printed materials such as magazines or newspapers.


“Cross Patch” Textile


While most of the Eames’ oeuvre is considered collaborative, with the majority of their designs attributed to both partners, Ray was responsible for the textile designs, which display her highly distinctive abstract yet organic graphic style. The “Cross Patch” pattern was originally submitted to a textile competition at the Museum of Modern Art in 1947. It was subsequently produced by Schiffer Prints. The geometric pattern of squares, triangles, and circles was available in several different colorways. Its nonrepresentational, highly graphic design was especially suitable to the informal, modern furnishings and interiors popularized by designers such as Charles and Ray Eames.


I like solid black. I am a bad man.

({John15}) #92

Same. It’s my go-to solid color. It looks so clean!


Y’all probably eat exclusively vanilla ice cream too :stuck_out_tongue:

({John15}) #94

Cookies and cream, actually.

No, that’s one thing I miss about Arcata; there was this little mom and pop ice cream shop that sold all kinds of flavors. Sooooo good :heart:


I like type with nuts, pieces of chocolate, fudge, the works.


Just anything solid. I want my yoyos the same color spinning as when they are not.


A fade with a nice spinning color is probably my favorite. Solid colors a close second. Slightly changed my opinion since I last posted.

And honestly I hate the half-swap/dual-solid or whatever you want to call it colorway. I bought a red/blue Edge (is speckled white, but still), and I find that I dont like playing with it that much because of the color. Not that I find it ugly, but because it just seems to mess with the symmetry when playing in a way that my mind just doesnt like.

(Nathan) #98

What I do is I take vanilla ice cream, Cheez-its, and chocolate syrup to make cheez-it-chocolate-ice-cream.
:ice_cream: + :chocolate_bar: + Cheez-its = Yummmm.

(Nathan) #99

But I still like solids. :wink:


I’m a little.late to the party, but I love a really well done acid wash. Although I like solids and fades too.