What trick you working on

So everyone, i would like to know what trick youve been working on and give it a hard rating out of 10.

What’s the rating based on?

The title on the YouTube video is
“ 2 Step Easy Hook - Slow Motion Yoyo tutorial #2
It is listed under David YoYos.
I am having trouble getting the thumb hook clean…. have not even gotten to the slack whip finishing move. This look so slick and mesmerizing. I have to get it down smooth!
I will be using this trick a lot when I get it down. Any help would be appreciated.

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When I was younger I never touched slack besides plastic whip and suicide. I probably thought of it as frustrating or not as satisfying to land at the time. Now that I’m back I realize I am missing a key element for combos and progress. I’m starting to understand what I need to do more but have to get my movements down. I try to see the string as another tool rather than just what the yoyo is attached to.

Difficulty: 8/10
10/10 with rice


Currently working on titanium chopsticks. Not sure how to rank the whole difficultly thing since I’m sure some people will never learn it and others have it down pat.


This is one of few tricks I set out to learn and did it! I believe in you!

(I also have big ol’ hands so I’m sure it would be harder with regular sized hands. Also mine is NOT smooth, so I should probably consider myself ‘still working on it’ lol.)

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The second chopstick mount after you double on the under mount is giving me issues but it’s fun so far.

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My one is a speed combo involving two regens and basic yet fast trick, 5/10 hard rating.

2.0 hook


Fingerspins and recovery, Eli Hops and that whip to green triangle that Dylan Kowalski tutes in one of his vids.

All the tricks I’m working on are a 10 for difficulty because they’re impossible at this time. After I learn them I can offer a better idea of how hard they are. :smiley:



Horizontal cross arm hop 10/10

Been spending a lot of time trying to clean up Yuuki Slack, Follow, and Seasick. They’re all pretty simple in theory, but take A LOT of practice to be efficient at. Difficulty 9/10.

I’m trying to get at least one 2.0 hook I have mastered my 1.0 and 1.5 hook but I just can’t seem to get a 2.0 if anyone has anyone has any tips and advice that would be very helpful I will make a topic for this but anyway I would give it a 8.5 /10 because I know it’s possible to land :+1:t2:

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