What to use as thin lube?

Should I use baby oil as thin lube or do you recommend other stuff?

Baby oil is almost the same as yoyojam thick lube so just get you some yyj thin lube. Later and remember keep it spinning.

you could try paintball gun oil. its synthetic and designed not to eat the urethane (rubber) o-rings in paintball guns. i put some in my yomega stealth fire and it worked like a charm.

All the kids on this forum have disagreed with me on almost anything i post, but I have been using Hoppe’s thin lubricant for cleaning and lubricating guns… You can find it almost anywhere and its high viscosity and penetration ability makes it perfect for ball bearings and is also safe on rubber, silicone and weak plastics… ;D

Just stick to the official stuff. Afterall, I wouldn’t risk destroying the bearing.



Thin Lube for thin lube??? I think it makes sence!

Hahaha. Just to correct you, its sense. No offence.

I use a door hinge oiler.

That will thin it? Wow. Is it even safe for the plastic?

well… It’s made for doors, garages, anything with a hinge, and it looks like water… until you drink it. Nothing happened, and it is probably built for plastic.

I think Il stick with YYJ thin lube

I use Clipper oil and Bones Bearing Lube, for skateboard bearings.

There are so many different opinions, I’d rather just stick with YYJ Lube

people, this post is 2 months old. Don’t bring back old posts, it confuses people. Btw, i use singer oil lol, not sure if it will ruin my stuff though.

Just buy a bottle of YYJ thin lube. I bought mine like a year or two ago and I’m guessing itll take 5 years to finish it off. Its good stuff.

what would you guys say is the safest lube to use besides yyj lubes??

Any lube used for metal… I use a door hinge lube

I would stick the thin lube. There are risks to using alternatives and I bet they cost about the same.

actually it’s a lot cheaper… and my yoyo’s are stilll working

you should use what you are supposed to and forget about the rest. for the money you can’t lose. i found out the hard way by trying different lubes.