What to pick?

I have to decide what yoyo’s to pick. Ive gone down to a couple:

For 4a- Fiesta, Big Yo, Hayabusa SL, or the new Yoyojam Equinox.

For 1a I would get a p2 and genesis

For 5a I would get a pgm

That’s my opinion but it is all preference


For 1a I would pick the Hatrick ( gl finding one ) and the G5

For 5a I would pick the PGM or the Genesis ( if your willing to have some 5a damage )

Its all about what you like so pick any of them

Any help? I added a couple, and other suggestion would be good!

1a: Severe

I said pick 3, and don’t add in anymore guys.

Any help?

1A: Severe, Genesis, and Protege
5A: PGM.


For 1A I would pick, 2010 Severe, Mayhem, Hitman Pro out of what you have listed.
Atmosphere hands down for 5A.

Changed some stuff!

Atmosphere and x-con arent metal. They are bi-metal celcon and bi-metal polycarbonate respectively.

I no, but I want a metal for 5a, those are the only Bi-Metal exceptions.

I don’t know why. There are plenty of other choices in plastic. But my choices remain the same. Good luck.

But Severe is too expensive.

I decided to get the Mini Star, Genesis, and _________________ for 1a, and the Raptor for 5a.

P.S. Help fill the blank


Project 2 an amazing yoyo

Hi everyone, thank you for all your help. It helped picking these. I have decided to get a Mini Star, Genesis, and Campfire for 1a, and a Duncan Raptor for 5a. But know the question is, what to get for 4a? Fiesta, Hayabusa, Big Yo, or the new Yoyojam Equinox.