what to learn next? (noobish)

ok so i have just leaned how to bind (getting kinda decent at it) but i want to pratic new tricks as well, just sitting there and binding after i throw a sleeper is getting rather old. Anyways, i can do brain twister, split the atom and zipper pretty well im getting a lot better at atomic bomb (i still miss the sring on the jump part sometime) and i was wondering whats another good trick to learn when im just getting started.

If you’ve got a solid Double or Nothing, I say give the Matrix a shot.

i still dont have a double or nothing down, i live in a small appartment and i find it had to pratice with out smacking something with my yoyo, the only place i can really throw a trapeze is if i stand in the middle of my bed lol

firstly, get your self a nice place to practice, like out doors at a park or something with a nice big area for throwing some yo, then get your double or nothing down pat so your landing it like 99% of the time then you can learn soem kool tricks like cold fusion or trap door or Dr. Strange

Not that this is really the correct way to go necessarily but when I was space restricted I just threw a sleeper then went into double or nothing and practiced the tricks from there. That being said i dont believe it is the best way because having a good breakaway is pretty critical later on.