What to get

Im going on a trip and im going to game daze i want a good yoyo from there should i get a stacked Catalyst , dv88 or g-funk?

Or a severe

What r ur preferences

By that what do u mean?

Big or small, fast or slow, heavy or light?

Oh umm i honestly dont care i mean i just want one i could mess around with um i would rather fast and slightly smaller cuz i have a genesis and thats oversized

And i dont care about heavy or light i mean i like heavy but not to the point where its like a rock on the string i like it to be slightly floaty

G-Funk then, its a great yoyo.

Thanks a lot man i really appreciate it but one question i heard the g funk is really unstable is that true

No i used to have one and i found it plenty stable

Hey, it’s 87percentable from Instagram. I’d recommend the delrin 2012 Severe and the stacked Catalyst. I’m not really a big fan of the DV888 nor do I like the new G-Funks because of their sticky finish. Enjoy!

He asked for small and floaty, those are neither

Thanks i actually asked u a few days ago about what places to go to haha cuz I’m taking a trip to chandler and scottsdale I’m a big fan of you instagram thanks I’m gonna consider all of those yoyos thanks to both of you guys a lot

Any time :wink: