What to get

Hey there I’m looking for a yoyo that can spin really well. I can bind fine so it’s no problem. I would like something that sleeps for ever. Any price range is fine , thanks!


Take a look at the Northstar/Protostar, Dv888, or SuperNova.

Too many to choose from.

DiBase is great. Amazing in performance and insanely low in price.

RecRev throws are amazing and low priced.

One Drop stuff is rather accessible and despite the price, once you play one, you’ll agree it’s reasonably priced.

There’s too many things to think about. But, it all starts with your throw. A bad throw can’t be compensated for. Also, your preferences play a large factor. Size, shapes, weight, bearing sizes, response system, axle system, surface treatment, features like IRG rings, it all can factor in.

You can do amazing stuff with quality inexpensive yoyos such as the Asteroid, PSG, Starbrite, Lyn Fury, Kickside and Speed Maker, just to name a few. The Legacy II, Chaser, DieNasty and Starlight are also fantastic. The Protostar and Northstar should NOT be ignored. After this, you start getting into mainly metals and some YYJ metal/plastic models or just go onto full metals.

At least you can bind. It makes so many more throws accessible to you.

Every yoyo here with the exception of loopers.

If you’re going for the longest sleep time possible, then try to find a Buddha king 2 on the b/s/t. Someone used it to make the current sleep record of about 22(?) minutes. It sucks for tricks, though.
Something with hubstacks would probably help you get a longer sleep time. Even when I was just starting out and my throw wasn’t that good, I could get a 7 minute sleeper with my g5 by using the stacks.