what to get ;)

ok well heres the thing i want to get a cheap but good plastic yoyo
because i was going to get one good more expensive yoyo but i have decided to get one cheaper plastic and 1 all metal yoyo.so heres what i was considering : i was gonna get a yomega Dash or Maverick ,and for the plastci i was considering lynn fury and velocity (im a intermidiate) and a few other pls help to get on the right track thnx a million :wink:

If you can bind i’d say a Legacy or Plastic Grind Machine but Velocity’s are pretty good too, i just dont like [laying unresponsive on it

When you’re talking cheap plastic you can;t go wrong with the Legacy. If you get your Legacy you won’t need another metal.


Can you bind? I u can, i recommend a protostar or legacy!

yes i can bind and ive chosen to go with lyn fury,i just put my order in cant wait!!

I would defintley reccomend the yyf protostar its amazing!