What to get... First onedrop


Don’t know??? What to get??? No idea? HELP?

Code 2


If anyone votes chik, they r idiots. They havent played it, it just came out :stuck_out_tongue:

Cascade is where its at!


Dude… That ones tough… The cascade is solid, the code 2 has good rep, and the chik looks like a winner…

Err… C… C… Code 2


I have a Chik being held for me, so I’m not worried about it.

Of the choices presented: Code 2 all the way. I like the Cascade, but Code2 works better for me.


Cascade is awesome but it’s shape isn’t for everyone

Code 2 is the most versatile, good for horizontal, 1a and 5a
I love mine so comfortable and dead smooth


Choose the one that starts with a C. ;D
But seriously, have you considered the Code 1? It’s a great throw!


He probably assumed th Code 2 is better than the Code 1 because… Well… Its the 2nd… ;D


The CODE2 or the Summit, if it counts too ;D


Code 2: never used it

Cascade: Accommodates many styles, but it’s not the most stable or long spinning. But I love it anyways. A medium ground throw, for all speeds.

Chik: never used it

Please Consider the Code 1. It’s my all time favorite throw, after trying chiefs, majestys, and burnsides. Fast, floaty and stable.


I guess I am an idiot then, oh wait… ;D

It plays brilliantly by the way and will set you back a little over $20 less than the other two on your list.


I got to use the chik it’s really good and not bad on ur bank. I also really like the summit (with spikes) but that may not be on ur list


Probably Code 2, it is one of the best yoyos you can buy.


I agree, the Summit is good. If you are willing to spend the extra money, consider buying the Summit.