What to do from a green triangle

After searching the forums/internet for a while I have resorted to just asking the question: is there anything cool one can do from a simple green triangle?

consecutive GT laceration hops @Yusuke Otsuka

GT revolutions and suicides.

Maybe open up one of the double strand sides and make a mount you can go somewhere with.

Ping Pong! I still love that trick. :wink:

GT Barrel Rolls look fun. Can’t say I’ve ever actually done them. :wink: You should be able to boing-e-boing inside a GT, too.

You can make your yoyo responsive!
Insert flyaway dismount here 8)

If mid-combo someone asks to try your yoyo and you don’t feel like telling them it won’t come back, you can throw up a GT suicide and if you fail(like I do a lot :P) you can hand it to em’ and they’ll be able to use it like a normal yoyo.

…also it makes for a great knuckle buster on brand new throws with extra grippy response pads.


When I need to break in my response i just throw in a knot like that and start looping with the yoyo.

For those that might want to learn the GT suicide, Waylon has a nice tutorial.

If you want to add a little more, throw in a (sorry, brain fart prevents me from recalling the name of this maneuver), then lindy loop, then undo a wrap/roll to suicide.

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Insert both index fingers into triangle

Roll yoyo over non throw hard ibex finger so it lands on string closest to you

Toss slack from your throw hand index finger in a clockwise motion looking from above around string formation, catch with same finger pointed inwards

Curl non throw hand index finger towards you, curling around one string and letting the over slip over


Taa daa

Come out on the wrong side and jump onto the string straight from your throw hand in one movement. Then reverse and jump back into a GT. Or you can just jump through the triangle you create and the string comes out with no knots.

Underpass the yoyo, roll onto the string closest to that strange guy looking at you down the sidewalk. Wait. Who in gods name is that guy. Oh man. What have I done?! Return the yoyo with a tug.