Tricks based off of a green triangle?


I’m working on a new freestyle which ends in a GT, not too exciting. Are there any cool flashy tricks using a GT?


Ninja vanish, brent stole, and gt revolutions.


Palli’s Strawberry Ironing Boarddd is a trick done from a green triangle mount (a popped from the back GT)


Here’s some tutorials I made that use GTs, one I created, the other was taken from another yoyoer.

Some others a tricks like ninja vanish, Brent stole, Riggs Tower, Strawberry ironing board.


GT suicide. Hard to learn, but pretty easy. Don’t mess up.


To the OP: If you have not learned GT Suicides, then I would recommend starting with Red Triangle Suicides so you do not get an axle knot every few throws.


Thanks to this advice, I just learned what a Red Triangle is. :wink: I had been in them before (as part of Gondola) but never knew what it was as a separate trick element.

They seem much looser than GT’s, though. For regular trapeze suicides, common advice I’ve seen is to pull on the TH a little bit. I imagine you wouldn’t want to do that with a Red Triangle, would you? For fear of dissolving it?


Red Triangle Suicides are WAY harder than GT Suicides. It is REALLY hard to keep the Red Triangle open. I find GT Suicides easier than normal suicides some times. If you do the Suicide with a big GT, the GT will stay big and open.


Gt rolls. Gt boing

(Owen) #10

GT Eli Hops.

I always found GT Suicide to be much easier than normal suicide, so you could try that one. Also, Red Triangle Suicides are really easy too.

(Alex Fairhurst) #11

I just roll the GT and dismount. Do something cool from trapeze. Or just don’t end the combo in a GT.


for mine I pop into a trapeze then some really flashy bind

(kclejeune) #13

GT 3D suicide looks super boss. I’m using it at MWR.


GT and RT suicides are SUPER easy. Way more than regular ones. Just throw 'em up there and they’ll stay pretty open.

(UmeNagisa) #15

Lemme film you a little something i thought of using a GT!

Edit: Funny, I go to film, and the Camera dies xD


Ok, I take back what I said about RT Suicides being harder than GT Suicides.

I tried doing the RT Suicide again today, and if you do it right, it is about the same difficulty as a GT Suicide.

I think I might land GT Suicides more though, because when I do them I kinda go into a panic mode for like two seconds and that helps, LOL.


If you land in that weird And Whut GT you can do a reverse GT Suicide.