Tricks off of GT

Just learned how to do a Green Triangle ;D
now what else can i do?

From the GT? You could underpass or something, but there really isnt anything to do directly from a GT, which is why most tricks end with a GT.

Yeah, the only trick in the gt that you could do is the gt suicide. Like 10 10010 1001 1 1110 said everything usually ends in a gt.

never could find anything that had a GT in the middle of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pop out back into a trapeze and then keep going from there?

Green triangle Barrel rolls

Thanks brett!
Gt boingys
Gt suicides
And i have seen someone do Gt Revolutions i think

you can get into a gt and then do barrel rolls.

gt scuicids barrel rolls under passes alot of tricks end with gt to so hope this helps

Pop out then whip into a hidemassa hook. I have a ladder mount type trick following from there. Watch the first trick in this video:

as stated above, the GT suicide is an awsome trick to end with.

you could also learn haddock that has a green triangle in the middle of it and it goes into other stuff.

GT Boingy Boing, try it it works…INVENTOR OF THE TRICK?

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  1. Get into a GT
  2. Put both your thumbs inside the triangle
  3. Pop the yoyo out the side (the side you would not get a knot)
  4. Swing it around into a small trapeze
  5. Now make your own trick from the triangle formed between your thumbs

This is how I made my own trick off a Brent Stole.