Green Triangle Tricks


Anyone have any suggestions on an intermediate/advanced trick that ends in a GT? Iv got ninja vanish and trapeez brother slack to ninja vanish style gt. Anyone know any or any videos?


Check rejection to triangle from mrmatio


Brent stole is a fun one.


Takeshi’s “Bangers” video has a great one. His instagram and “learn these tricks too” has some as well. Whip has a trick, I think, that takes a suicide and turns it into a cross arm gt (move th forward and up and draw string right under/behind yoyo with nth as suicide goes over hand). There is a techy gt that I have been doing that you throw a double or, dismount and mount on front string from behind, then dismount and land like in “triangle dropping” from G2 Jake. Kris Toledo’s new vid “short tricks in slow motion” has some too.

A great Takeshi one…


Not to be lazy, but many of the advanced string tricks right here on yoyoexpert have green triangles in them, I would try watching a few and picking whichever one suits your fancy. They are excellent for improving yourself as a yoyoer, and many use fundamental mounts you have learned already. Have fun!


Ninja vanish is my favorite trick anyway, but Brent stole is similar feeling and just as fun. And Whut is a fun one, and the ones that have been said.

Brent stole looked super hard to me, but as soon as someone said, “it’s a hidemasa hook, but just grab the back of the hook loop” I was landing them same day


Man thank yall. This helped big time. Really appreciate everyones feedback!!


Try a GT suicide. Get in your basic GT then swing it toward your yoyo hand and let go of the loop the when the GT comes around put your finger back in the loop.