What is your favorite Green Triangle?

Mine is probably this thing:

Followed by a wrist whip to Green Triangle.

Followed by this weird wrist mount thing I should probably make a video of. The Green Triangle is like around your wrist.

What is your favorite Green Triangle?

(This is a transparent attempt to learn more Green Triangle tricks, but you don’t know that.)

Ehh, reverse GT laceration is fun to me.

Well. Aren’t we skilled? Depressingly skilled… sigh

Nice work, Yoyo Kangaroo! But man, don’t let YouTube “correct” your shake next time! Still, that was a really neat gondola-ish trick.

Not trying to pick on you, honest…but also, this:

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Oh, yeah… My bad…

Ninja vanish

This one or…

This one.

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If only I could nail this one every time, on demand, it would be a favourite. Instead, it’s an albatross, because I keep trying to throw it into combos and missing. :wink:

I really enjoy the triangles at the end of Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich and Hashbrowns. It’s just an amazing finish to two sweet tricks. :]

What is the thought process one goes through to end a trick or combo in a green triangle? I can do it just as a straight one off trick but I can’t seem to emulate the videos where its like, insane combo then BAM Green Green Triangle …

Here’s that wrist whip GT I was talking about, with a few rolls added in. Not the smoothest thing in the world, though.


I think wrist whip always puts you in a GT formation, no?

Yes. It does. The rolls are for funsies.

You could do that trick with out popping the yoyo up gregp, then it would be every time kind of trick. Or is the pop the point of the trick?

Without the pop, there’s no triangle. :wink: Here’s a better view, from the original tutorial:

There’s this other cool thing I like to do from a man on the flying trapeze and his brother mount. You do a lindy loop onto the back string then twist your finger in. Technically it’s a red triangle… But who cares, right?

Double reverse brent stole, my own, grapefruit wedges


Soon, kangaroo san