Favorite Green Triangle?


Ok, simple. What’s your favorite green triangle? Right now, I’m favoring the double green as Ann Connolly does it, and the wrist mount gt v1 as shown on highspeedyoyo.

I was just browsing around, and Graeme’s Gyroscopic GT really blows me away. I’m definitely going to work on that tomorrow…shouldn’t be a big problem.

So that got me wondering what other great Gts I might be missing!

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My favorites are upsidedownfish sandwich and brother slack to ninja vanish.

(UmeNagisa) #3

Over the arm brentstole to GT suicide to reverse brentstole!


I can show you some at the next NH yoyo club meet!

Is that okay?


Most of the ones I make.

I especially like this one.


aznnboyaZ and James May: Those would be my favorites too…if I could ever do them!

Shadowz143: You better believe I’ll take you up on that. You’re going to be sick of me by the end of the meeting. :smiley:

Jsell14: Did you really come up with that on your own? Wow. Just wow. It needs a name.


aka “The Stig’s YoYoing American Cousin.”


I am learning to hate GTs. Why? Because I fall into them by accident while trying to make tricks recently. It may be cool to some, but it has become such a problem I have learned all the ways to get out of a GT to another mount. But yea I have a double or nothing GT that I made that I like the best too… Besides that… Brent stole… Fun ;D


It’s okay…

I love gt’s. :slight_smile:


Trapeze triangle to green triangle


Video? I don’t know this one.


Brett invented it.



Green triangle from wrist mount


laceration to ninja vanish to GT suicide


Show off. ::slight_smile:
I also like good ol’ ninja vanish by itself.


Same. If I go.

I have a few.


Brent stole


Haha I’m glad you shared that, I use that all the time and didnt know if it was a trick or not


It took me a while to learn it myself. It was a little hard to flip the triangle over and land it on the string, but it was worth it.


cross armed green trangle, not sure if its already a trick so i wont say if i made it up.


Does tangling up the string during kwyjibo count?